TABLAO FLAMENCO (Regular Performances)

TuFlamenco Concerts & Events

Our `Tablao Flamenco’ performances occur every first Sunday of the month. A steady date for the Tablaos so aficionados can have a continuity and routine in the flamenco experience. Once more, expect from our usual crew (Inma Montero, Gabriela Pouso, Daniel Martinez and Danielo Olivera plus guests), passionate and full of flavour flamenco voices, skilful clapping, the impeccable technique and brilliance of an incredibly well played flamenco guitar, and the raw power, beauty and elegance of the flamenco dancing. They´ll take place at the Voodoo Rooms, such a elegant spot for these concerts. Be sure you are up for a great night, a beautiful way to end the week and begin the new one, an authentic Flamenco night that has been always remarkably reviewed *****

We have included the possibility of acquiring a TuFlamenco Friends Special Pass that will give you the possibility of getting your tickets cheaper, in case you would like to assist regularly to our Tablaos. These tablao performances will inspire musicians, dancers and any person avid of passion. Produced by TuFlamenco guarantees quality in every performance as one of the motos of the team is the search for a passionate cocktail of flavours that will make you feel right in one of those hidden spots where just flamenco with its magic happens. Experience it! Don’t let others tell you. Spaces are limited!