We have been offering flamenco concerts in Scotland for nearly two decades in several projects and accumulating many reviews and most importantly experience. If you are interested in a Flamenco concert you will not be disappointed as we will bring you the authentic and genuine experience made with passion, talent and pure dedication. We offer several modalities for these concerts such as:  “Tablaos”, “Recital” and “Duo”. For our events we have a full sound system & equipment needed and a proper proffesional flamenco stage. Please, check our YouTube channel to watch some live performances to have an idea and do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

“TABLAO” – These concerts are the whole Flamenco experience as it contents all of the elements of a proper Flamenco concert: dancing, singing and guitar. For a proper concert of this modality we would suggest to have 4 musicians. 

“RECITAL” – These concerts are for the singer and the guitarist to perform many of the main Flamenco styles. It can also be a Guitar recital too. 

“DUO” – These concerts are for the singer and guitarist, or guitarist and dancer, or two guitarists  to perform many of the main Flamenco styles. Often, these duos could have a the two members doing guitar, singing and dancing but obviously not with the proper quality and flourish that a “Tablao”. 

“SOLOIST” – In this concerts you’ll get a flamenco guitarist interpreting different repertoires or flamenco styles. 


Our `Tablao Flamenco’ performances will resume at the Voodoo Rooms, in Edinburgh and in other cities as per usual, in September after our commitments at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival finishes. Please keep an eye in our website in the events page if you want to see what we are up to. We deeply thank you all for your support and hope to see you soon around. 

– 10th February 2023 – “Flamenco in Scotland”