From India to Triana



Premiered at theEdFringe 2019 and co-produced with  The Rootless Company, this show puts  together an embrace of music and dance that will take the audience on a vibrant and captivating journey from the most primitive sounds of India to the fiery rhythms of flamenco. We will lead you through an exploration of similarities and a celebration of differences of some of the world’s deepest cultural traditions blooming into a perfect symbiosis of magical artistry and human connection. A colourful map of expression and innovation of communities merging together in an incredible fusion of music and dance. Several indigenous singers with flamenco and Indian dancers, one tabla and cajon percussionists and two flamenco guitarists will make you take you to a rich trip full of colours and shades where your imagination will flourish. This show was produced with 8 artists but requires a minimum of 4 to be performed in its most basic essence.  Please, check our YouTube channel to watch some live performances to have an idea and do not hesitate to contact us for any question.