Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We have been performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for more than a decade. It has been hard not coming for the 2020 Edition. We really hope things get better for 2021 edition so we can get back to performing all around our old and new productions always so well received from the audiences.

We at TuFlamenco hope you’re doing well and keeping safe during these ongoing difficult times. It’s with a heavy heart that in order to protect us all during these difficult times TuFlamenco must postpone some of our upcoming concerts, events and physical classes. We do very much look forward to putting them all in place again once the situation allows us to but we feel it’s in yours and the nation’s best interests to keep us all safe so we will be sticking to the government rules for the greater good of Scotland. Stay tuned to our website www.tuflamenco.com for our online classes and courses for upcoming news regarding concerts, events or our classes.

Salud, Alegria & Libertad Amig@s

Last Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 edition


One of our two productions for this Edinburgh fringe Festival 2019 is “Flamenco Tablao”.

After more than ten years of successful flamenco performances in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the passionate and penetrating voices of flamenco musicians Danielo Olivera and Inma Montero bring you their vision of a traditional Flamenco Tablao, again with the creativity, passion and quality they are well known for. Joined by a technically brilliant master flamenco guitarist with powerful and elegant dancer Gabriela Pouso. 

Top-class stunningly sublime flamenco jewel Mayte Beltran completes this thrilling group of flamenco professionals. Experience, as every year, their new creation: a genuine and raw flamenco performance straight from the heart of Andalucia.


One of our two productions for this Edinburgh fringe Festival 2019 is “FlamencoNova”.

Let the mesmerising sounds of bossa nova and flamenco take you on a mind-blowing fusion, where an impeccably skilful flamenco guitar and incredibly rich spirit of bossa nova flirts with the enchanting flavours brought to you by exquisite singers Sergio Prazeres, Danielo Olivera and Inmaculada Montero.

This group of utterly talented musicians is completed by top-class magnificent flamenco dancer Mayte Beltran who, alongside the sensual jazz melodies of saxophonist Nick Gould, translates this phenomenal performance into a genuinely contagious life-affirming experience for the soul, a catharsis of happiness, an unforgettable electrifying musical and dance experience y olé!

Also for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Also as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 Performances we present “From India To triana”,

A Co- Production with The rootLess company.


One of our shared productions for this Edinburgh fringe Festival 2019 with The Rootless Company is “From India to Triana”.

The world comes together in an embrace of music and dance that will take the audience on a vibrant and captivating journey from the most primitive sounds of India to the fiery rhythms of flamenco. The Rootless Company will lead you through an exploration of similarities and a celebration of differences of some of the world’s deepest cultural traditions blooming into a perfect symbiosis of magical artistry and human connection. A colourful map of expression and innovation of communities merging together in an incredible fusion of music and dance.