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TuFlamenco is a Flamenco Company based in Edinburgh but we teach and perform all over Scotland where we have been deeply involved for more than a decade. We specialise on teaching flamenco dance particularly but also offer tutoring in all of the other disciplines flamenco disciplines. As part of our school activities we also organise live events and productions throughout the year. If you are interested feel free to get in touch and we’ll give you options and solutions so you can have the best learning experience from amazing teachers and performers with so many years of experience.

So what are you waiting for? Do you like flamenco? Do you want to experience it? Do you want to continue working on it? Do you really want to feel it? Don’t think it twice. It will change your life. Get in touch: info@tuflamenco.com

Inma Montero

Inma Montero is a well-known flamenco singer, dance teacher and choreographer within the Scottish scene since 2011. She is part of many musical projects and has worked as a flamenco dance teacher & choreographer offering training to dancers and musicians of all levels and ages in Scotland.

Since 2011 she is a regular performer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, every year in August, with many different projects receiving several 5-star reviews during this time, with projects like “Art of Believing” from Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company initiated in 2018; “Rootless” our own project also initiated in 2018; “Alba Flamenca” (2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017 and past 2018); with “Dondeduendes” (2012) “Flamenco Flamenco” and she created a project with Peter Strandberg called “Pellizco Flamenco” (2012-2013).

Born in Cordoba, Spain she has been involved in flamenco classes and workshops since she was only 7 years old. In her own words: ‘I can’t find another way to live but singing and dancing’.


Danielo Olivera

Danielo is well known singer, he also plays the guitar and percussion instruments. He has worked & collaborated in many different music projects and groups involving Flamenco, Latin Music amongst other styles within the UK music scene since 2002. Danielo is also a Lead Practitioner & Workshop Organiser, delivering Music, Rhythm and Body Language workshops within schools, hospitals and various centres, focussing mainly on people from a wide social background and age group, as well as mental health and physical and learning disabilities.

Among other artistic performances, since 2006 he is a regular performer in August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with many different projects like the “Art of Believing” from Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company initiated in 2018; “Rootless” also initiated in 2018; “Alba Flamenca” (from 2007 all the way until 2018); KeNoDeKe collective: “Orkesta Simbolika” (2010-2011) and “Rumba Magica”(2008); “Dondeduendes” (2011) “Flamenco Flamenco”;  Andrew Robinson Flamenco Ensamble:  “Mosaico Flamenco” (2011-2012-2013-2014) and others like “India Flamenco”. 

Dear all,

It’s with a heavy heart that in order to protect us all during these difficult times TuFlamenco must pospone some of our upcoming concerts and events. All tickets of our march Tour: ‘Primavera Flamenca’ and ‘FlamencoNova’ have been now refunded. We do very much look forward to putting them all in place again once this awful virus is under control. Also, TuFlamenco have created an initiative called #WeDanceAtHome to keep working with our students. It will keep you fit and most importantly, we can keep connected during this complicated time. Also, currently working on clapping, guitar and singing workshops (new comers welcome). 

Stay safe & sound and keep yourselves posted. 

Upcoming Events

ALL CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Follow our Flamenco fight alive at #WeDanceAtHome

  • 28-June-2020 === Art of Believing (Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company) – Ludlow

  • 27-June-2020 === Art of Believing (Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company) – Ludlow

  • 26-June-2020 === Tablao – Birmingham

  • 25-June-2020 === Tablao – Birmingham

  • 20-June-2020 === TuFlamenco Festival (2nd Edition) – George Square Theatre – Edinburgh

  • 12-June-2020 === Leith Festival – Flamenco Tablao – Edinburgh

  • 05-June-2020 === Art of Believing (Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company) – Manchester

  • 16-May-2020 === Flamenco Tablao – Glasgow

  • 16-May-2020 === Flamenco Tablao – Glasgow

  • 15-May-2020 === Flamenco Tablao – Edinburgh

  • 25-April-2020 === Flamenco Tablao – Paellas Fife

  • 17-April-2020 === Big Special Event Celebration still to be confirmed

  • 15-April-2020 === Tablao – Royal College Physicians – Edinburgh

  • 03-April-2020 === Art of Believing (Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company) -The Dancehouse, Manchester

  • 29-March 2020 === FlamencoNova – The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

  • 28-March 2020 === Flamenco Tablao -Primavera Flamenca in Edinburgh- (March Tour)      

  • 26-March 2020 === Flamenco Tablao -Primavera Flamenca- in Glasgow (March Tour)          

  • 25-March 2020 === Flamenco Tablao -Primavera Flamenca in Dundee- (March Tour)           

  • 07-February-2020 === Art of Believing (Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company) – Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

  • 29-Jan 2020 === ´Agustitos World Music Sessions´. The Argyle and Cellar Bar. Edinburgh. 8:15pm 

  • 22-Jan 2020 === “FlamencoLoc@s Night”- Leith Depot, Edinburgh.