Inma Montero

Inma Montero is a well-known flamenco singer, dance teacher and choreographer within the Scottish scene since 2011. She is part of many musical projects and has worked as a flamenco dance teacher & choreographer offering training to dancers and musicians of all levels and ages in Scotland.

Born in Cordoba, Spain she has been involved in flamenco classes and workshops since she was only 7 years old. In her own words: ‘I can’t find another way to live but singing and dancing’.


Danielo Olivera

Cádiz born flamenco singer & songwriter Danielo has worked & collaborated in many different music projects and groups involving Flamenco, Latin Music amongst other styles within the UK music scene since 2002 playing also guitar and percussion. Danielo is also a Lead Practitioner & Workshop Organiser, delivering Music, Rhythm and Body Language workshops within schools, hospitals and various centres, focussing mainly on people from a wide social background and age group, as well as mental health and physical and learning disabilities.