Your Flamenco Academy in Scotland

In TuFlamenco Academy we offer dance, guitar, singing and compas classes in various cities & venues around Scotland. The classes and workshops can be individual or for groups, can be delivered regularly or just as a one off and are designed for people of all ages and levels, including complete beginners. We welcome new students at different points in the year so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to join us. Private classes are also available for individuals and small groups. These can be in a hired studio or in any of the venues we work with regularly. Our classes are suitable for all whether you have danced before or are a complete novice; the teacher will support you and tailor the lesson to your needs as much as possible. All the classes are held in well suited venues and studios across Scotland and are taught with real passion, dedication, discipline, love and experience. Please check the locations, timetables and other details in the menu. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Dear Flamenco/as,  we at TuFlamenco hope you’re doing well and keeping safe during these ongoing difficult times. It’s with a heavy heart that in order to protect us all during these difficult times TuFlamenco must postpone some of our upcoming concerts, events and physical classes. We do very much look forward to putting them all in place again once the situation allows us to but we feel it’s in yours and the nation’s best interests to keep us all safe so we will be sticking to the government rules for the greater good of Scotland. 

TuFlamenco created the initiative #WeDanceAtHome to keep working with our students on-line. It will keep you fit and most importantly, we can keep connected during this strange time. 

Also, as part of our regular weekly classes offered on a monthly basis, we offer clapping, guitar and singing workshops for every student requirement, case you want to initiate or continue developing your flamenco skills in any of its possibilities. 

Since the launch of TuFlamenco online school on the 5th of October we have had great experiences with students with great positive feedback. 

Here, our monthly classes for July. 












Special School Events / Term 2021-2022

-17th July – Theory: “Las Cantinas” -8pm

-24th July – TuFlamenco Zoom “Fiesta” – 8:30pm

-August: EdFringe 2021: “Flamenco Fringe”. Daily performances from the 6th until the 29th August.

Get your flamenco side come out!!!
Dance, clapping, singing or guitar lessons

The classes and workshops can be individual or grupal, can be delivered regularly or just one off and are designed for students of all levels, including complete beginners. All the classes are held in venues, studios or private homes across Scotland and are taught with real passion, dedication, discipline, love and experience. 

Our singing, percussion and guitar lessons cover the full range of flamenco styles as well as accompaniment of flamenco dance or just to the singing – all with an emphasis on understanding the deep roots and evolving musical language of flamenco.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, young or not that young, with more or less aptitudes in music and dance, any of our flamenco activities will change your life for god and for the best. It will inspire confidence, coordination, sense of positivism and true joy in you, without forgetting that your agility and fitness level will improve considerably which is a bonus.  

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to assist you and find solutions right away. School