Rumba Magica

“Rumba Magica”, is a treat for the senses and a desperate call to bring the happy times back by good, elegant and warm music mixed of the Latin world and the essences of flamenco, all of  it brought by exquisite musicians.

Official EdFringe description: Experience a passionate and exhilarating fiesta performed by seven top musicians fusing fiery, exuberant South American rhythms with the unmistakable essences of Flamenco music and dance. The quality and personalities of these artists lift up the room with voracious energy filling the room with a genuine magical sound. Big flavoured guitar lines, trumpet, bass, drums, piano and clapping accompany the stunningly beautiful voices. The group’s Flamenco dancer provides an expert, cohesive element who helps to fuse both musical styles into a sizzling synthesis that creates their distinct sound. Produced by TuFlamenco guarantees you are in for a treat.

  • Inma Montero – Singing & dancing
  • Danielo Olivera – Guitar & Singing
  • Mario Caribe – Double Bass
  • Simon Gall – Piano
  • Victor Estevez – Trumpet
  • Paulo Riddle – Percussion