Premiered at the EdFringe 2008 and brought back in 2021 this project makes you experience a passionate and exhilarating fiesta performed by TuFlamenco top class musicians fusing fiery, exuberant South American melodies and rhythms with the unmistakable essences of Flamenco music and dance, all finished with a jazzy touch. The quality and personalities of these artists lift up the room with voracious energy filling it with a genuine magical sound. Expect big flavoured flamenco guitars lines, double bass, piano, trumpet and flamenco clapping accompany the stunningly beautiful voices, all of it topped by the group’s Flamenco dancer who provides an expert, cohesive element helping to fuse both musical styles into a sizzling synthesis that creates their distinct sound. 

We offer several modalities for these concerts in terms of number of musicians used for the performance which will depend on the type of event or budget. We offer from a full band (7 members) to one single musician singing and playing guitar. Our main artists are: Inma Montero, Danielo Olivera, Mario Caribe, Simon Gall, Victor M. Estevez, Jose Rojas, Paulo Riddle and Daniel Martinez. Please, check our YouTube channel to watch some live performances to have an idea and do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

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