FLAMENCO FRINGE (Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company & TuFlamenco)

EdFringe 2021

Flamenco Fringe

For this year we didn’t register our “Flamenco Tablao”, which is quite popular among the audiences and followers achieving 5**** in last edition 2019, and they are what we have done mainly, quite successfully in every EdFringe edition for more than a decade. This year we have joined forces with award-winning Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company, our sister company for whom we have worked since its creation in 2017. The result is the show “Flamenco Fringe”, which follows the precepts of the tablao flamenco mixed with some touches of the award winning Daniel Martinez production “Art of Believing”. We can proudly say that it is an absolute treat for the flamenco aficionados, and the initiated ones, that has been sold out from day 1, never losing quality, passion and spontaneity. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it for the fringe, you’ll have more opportunities to see this show.
“Flamenco Fringe” by Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company & TuFlamenco