One of our two productions for this Edinburgh fringe Festival 2019 is “FlamencoNova”. Let the mesmerising sounds of bossa nova and flamenco take you on a mind-blowing fusion, where an impeccably skilful flamenco guitar and incredibly rich spirit of bossa nova flirts with the enchanting flavours brought to you by exquisite singers Sergio Prazeres, Danielo Olivera and Inmaculada Montero. This group of utterly talented musicians is completed by top-class magnificent flamenco dancer Mayte Beltran who, alongside the sensual jazz melodies of saxophonist Nick Gould, translates this phenomenal performance into a genuinely contagious life-affirming experience for the soul, a catharsis of happiness, an unforgettable electrifying musical and dance experience y olé!


Inma Montero – Singer

Danielo Olivera – Guitarist & Singer

Sergio Prezeres – Guitarist & Singer

Giulia Drummond – Singer & Percussion

Daniel Martinez – Flamenco Guitarist

Nick Gould – Sax

Mayte Beltran – Flamenco Dancer