Flamenco Tablao

One of our two productions for the Edinburgh fringe Festival 2019 was “Flamenco Tablao”.

Official EdFringe Description: After more than ten years of successful flamenco performances in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the passionate and penetrating voices of flamenco musicians Danielo Olivera and Inma Montero bring you their vision of a traditional Flamenco Tablao, again with the creativity, passion and quality they are well known for. Joined by a technically brilliant master flamenco guitarist with powerful and elegant dancer Gabriela Pouso.  Top-class stunningly sublime flamenco jewel Mayte Beltran completes this thrilling group of flamenco professionals. Experience, as every year, their new creation: a genuine and raw flamenco performance straight from the heart of Andalucia.


Inma Montero – Cante y Compas

Danielo Olivera – Cante & Compas

Daniel Martinez – Guitarist

Gabriela Pouso – Bailaora

Mayte Beltran – Bailaora Invitada

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