Dance Company

Our performance group was created in 2020, made in Scotland for which we organised the show premiered at last EdFringe edition 2021 “Flamenco in Scotland”, where we showcased several flamenco styles, choreographed and taught by Inma Montero during the pandemic year and a half in the online classes, performed by our TuFlamenco performing group. It was the very first time guitarists and dancers iníciate this adventure which has been very well received by the aficionados. 

This year, 2022, we repeat the experience but this time and after returning to physical classes, we are back with our production which will be showcased at the very same wonderful stage: St Andrew & St George West Church in Edinburgh the 14th and 21st August, 16:30, again for the EdFringe 2022.  

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Official EdFringe Description 2022:

TuFlamenco Academy invites you to their fabulous performance Flamenco in Scotland. Celebrating last year’s successful premiere, this Andalusian showcase is back full of bravery, heart, spirit and plenty of home-grown performers. This genuine flamenco experience brings together talented dancers from all over the world, purely inspired by the love for flamenco dance. The recital is directed and choreographed by Inma Montero, and performed by top flamenco professional artists who received outstanding reviews during the last decade. Whether you are an aficionado or not, the new repertoire will enchant all music and dance lovers. Dinnae miss oot! Ole!