EdFringe - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe festival, kind of like our home, is where we premiered each one of our new productions so that’s why we will use this page to include and describe them all, and also to tell you what we have been up to in each year.

These are the shows we have produced & created and the ones we have co-produced throughout the years. We have been part of the EdFringe for more than a decade so we have a long list of shows where we have participated. To see the list go to the page past events. 

EdFringe 2022

We are presenting this year for the EdFringe 2022 three productions: “Flamenco in Scotland” and “Flamenkids”. After last year success with “Flamenco in Scotland”, we have prepared an entire new show again showcasing several flamenco styles, choreographed and taught by Inma Montero in our online and presencial classes, and performed by our TuFlamenco Performing Group and our usual artists. The second one, “FlamenKids”, is a new production which will be premiered at the edFringe 22. It will take flamenco straight to the wee ones in a journey delivered and performed again by our TuFlamenco Performing Group and our usual artists.

Also we are premiering this year: Danielo Olivera  “The Leith Whistler”, for just 5 days where Danielo will perform on his own a show that promise to be quite original. 

As well as our own productions, we will be part of “Flamenco Fringe” and “Flamenco Guitar Concert” by Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company, same as last year. Click on each link to get your tickets. 

FlamenKids EdFringe 2022 TuFlamenco
Flamenco in Scotland EdFringe 2022 TuFlamenco
Danielo Olivera The Leith Whistler EdFringe 2022. by TuFlamenco

EdFringe 2021

2021, has been a weird year because of the pandemic situation and we didnt know what to do regarding registering and prepare new productions or putting back on our previous ones. After giving it some thought, we decided to present two originals productions: “Flamenco in Scotland” and “Rumba Magica”. In the first, “Flamenco in Scotland”, we have showcased several flamenco styles, choreographed and taught during the pandemic times in our online classes, performed by our TuFlamenco performing group. The very first time guitarists and dancers iníciate this adventure which has been very well received by the aficionados. The second one, “Rumba Magica”, is a treat for the senses and a desperate call to bring the happy times back by good, elegant and warm music mixed of the Latin world and the essences of flamenco, all of  it brought by exquisite musicians who trusted our taste.  For this year we didn’t register our acclaimed “Flamenco Tablao”, which is quite popular among the audiences and followers achieving 5**** in last edition 2019. These “Tablaos” performances are what we have done mainly quite successfully in every EdFringe edition for more than a decade. This year we have joined forces with award-winning Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company, our sister company for which we have worked since its creation in 2017, organising “Flamenco Fringe”, following more or less the same precepts of the tablao flamenco mixed with the award winning Daniel Martinez production “Art of Believing”: an absolute treat for the flamenco aficionados and initiated that has been sold out from day 1. 

Poster Rumba Magica EdFringe 2021 TuFlamenco St Andrew’s & St George West Church Edinburgh
“Flamenco Fringe” by Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company & TuFlamenco

EdFringe 2019

2019 was officially the first year with TuFlamenco registering shows & productions at the EdFringe. Nothing of what we did before counted and is like we never existed excepting by the many reviews that speak of us in some specific shows. 2019 has been a very prolific year again, for our creativity and we did manage to put on several productions like “Flamenco Tablao” and “Flamenconova” and co-produce another “From India to Triana”. The chosen venue for this was TheSpacesUk,  quite an adventure that deserves to be told some other time. The result was a nearly sold out every day performance of “Flamenco Tablao” with incredible reviews from the audiences and a 5***** from some magazine. For the rest of productions more or less the same. Later on, the pandemic situation stopped the projection of these shows and the plans we had for them. Now, they are in stand by until we get back to a more stable situation. 

“From India to Triana” by Rootless & TuFlamenco (EdFringe19)