Flamenco Guitar and the Essences of the Flamenco Compas


Come and learn with us the clapping techniques, sounds, patterns and accents of the main styles of flamenco and how to use them on other musical genres. Whether you are or not a flamenco aficionado, or just perhaps a musician, these classes will help you understand the rhythms from other perspectives. Don’t think it twice. If Flamenco is well known for its fun this is no doubt the perfect class for it. Understand the Flamenco rhythms, some structures and the essence of the “soniketes” of the styles. As said, if Flamenco is fun, this is where it begins. If clapping isn’t you thing and you are more interested in adapting or learning this content with your instrument, whatever might be,  please bring it. You’ll be accompanying and making sense of the different rhythms and melodies in no time. Even if you aren’t into Flamenco, these notions would be really helpful for using or adapting them in other music and dance styles. It’s all a mixed of discipline and improvisation to finally leave free our creativity. These are active classes that will stimulate and challenge you. 
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Generally they’ll take place in my home studio where we can use loops and other technical details. A little about me. Professionally, I am a flamenco singer who also plays guitar and a bit of percussion. With regards to the guitar I consider myself to be a music enthusiast with a strong desire to help people learn and enjoy this amazing instrument. Also I am a fully self taught player, and as a result my vision of teaching to play guitar is all about a hands on approach with a sole focus on enjoying, playing and not obsessing over music theory (but not leaving it behind), introduce you to some techniques, etc. I can help you to explore the guitar and treats her from other perspectives, play and experiment with it, as well as getting you into a both creative and technical mindset where you are ready to continue this journey by yourself.

I am equally happy to teach people who want to learn from scratch, as well as those of you who want to take your guitar playing further. Our lessons will be tailored specifically to your own needs and tastes in music, but in general I would love to teach you, obviously depending on the level you are in), several things like an overall knowledge of how the guitar works, different styles of playing, chords, strumming patterns and techniques, the songs you like, soloing and improvising, licks and ideas, science of playing with someone and with other instruments and of course lots of notions of Flamenco and Latin music and of coparse different approaches of how to use this knowledge into other styles.

You will take home not just the experience and the learning content of the class but also detailed videos demonstrations of the exercises of each session and in some cases some PDF material with details of what we are exploring. Don’t think it twice and vamos disfrutar nuestro instrumento!

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