Clapping Flamenco (Palmas) and the Essences of the Flamenco Compas


Learn (clapping) Palmas Flamencas and the Essences of the Flamenco Compas & Rhythms of the main flamenco palos / styles.

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Learn Clapping / Palmas Flamencas, the Essences of the Flamenco Compas and the rhythms of the main flamenco palos / styles. In these sessions you will learn:

  • Techniques
  • Repiques (beat and offbeat) in all styles
  • Patterns
  • Theoretical issues
  • Accompaniment to Singing / Cante in & by all styles
  • The compás of the 4 rhythmic families of flamenco: – Binary Compass: tango and rumbas; – Ternary compas: Sevillana and Fandango from Huelva; – 12 Beats Compas: Alegría, Bulerías por Soleá, Soleá and Bulerías; – Mixed Beats: Siguiriya and Tanguillos-
  • The compass of the 10 most important flamenco styles: tango, rumbas, Sevillanas, Fandango de Huelva, Alegrias, Bulería por Soleá, Solea, Buleria, Siguiriya and Tanguillos.
  • How to accompany and identify the beat when listening to the guitar

We are offering these lessons that can be presential or online. You can buy 1 (off) lesson or a package of 5. Lessons will last 50´(and 10´for recording last details), 1 hour in total and they´ll be arranged with the student. Generally these classes will take place in my home studio. We suggest that before purchasing any lesson please contact us telling us what is the main objective in your learning so we can offer a proper guidance regarding what lessons to get and how to proceed and also it will help us to personalise your lessons objectively. Also, please contact us with any question or if you have a specific field that you would prefer us to explore in our lesson(s).

PRICE: 1 (off) class £25 or a package of 5 classes £100

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